Foam Back RS2


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The Foam Back RS2 is a deadly variation of the original RS2 developed by Rim Chung decades ago.  The Foam Back RS2 incorporates all of the best qualities of the original RS2 and tweaks it with a slimmer profile and substituting the wing material of CDC for closed-cell foam.  It may be the ultimate guide fly because it is quick and easy to tie, durable, and fools some of the toughest trout you’ll find on tailwaters.  The abdomen is thin and sparse, with a thread body.  It is easy to change the color of the dubbing to match just about any mayfly emergence!  I suggest you make sure you have some in your box in a variety of colors.  Our favorite colors to fish are gray, brown and black.

Fishing Strategies:

Tailwater enthusiasts need to have their fly boxes crammed with an assortment of baetis nymphs in sizes 16-22.  All RS2 patterns and their variations are important to incorporate into that selection.  It is an effective mayfly imitation from the bottom to the top, as it constantly performs well in a variety of conditions.

During non-hatch periods, or during the initial stage of a hatch you can fish the RS2 off a larger attractor nymph near the bottom.  As the hatch intensifies you should fish less weight allowing the fly to drift mid-column.  Some of our other favorite baetis patterns to fish are Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tails, Jujubaetis, Barr Emergers, and Stalcup Baetis nymphs.


Hook: #18-22 Tiemco 101
Thread: Brown UTC 70 Denier
Tail: Brown saddle hackle
Abdomen: Brown Superfine
Wing: Closed-cell foam
Thorax:  Brown Superfine

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18, 20, 22


Black, Brown, Gray


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