Bead Head Red Larva



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The Bead Head Red Larva is another great option to imitate red midge larvae.  Midge larvae often reside in low-oxygenated parts of a stream or lake.  They are commonly referred to as bloodworms or blood midges.  These blood midges contain hemoglobin, an oxygen carrying pigment that allows them to survive in environments with little or no oxygen.  This pattern has been one of our favorite larvae imitations since the beginning as it has a buggy apperance and is durable.

Fishing Strategies:

This midge fishes well year-round, but it is especially effective during the shoulder seasons and winter months.  The Bead Head Red Larva is an excellent attractor in a tandem nymphing rig.  Typically, we will dredge this pattern near the substrate where the largest concentrations of midge larva are found.  This pattern has proven itself many times on famed western tailwaters like the Big Horn, San Juan, Green, Arkansas, South Platte, Blue, Yampa, Frying Pan and Williams Fork.


Hook: #18-22 Tiemco 200R
Bead: Red, silver lined glass bead (extra small)
Thread: Red UTC 70 Denier
Abdomen: Red Micro tubing, (small)

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18, 20


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